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Fashion Design Program in NYC

by flor


In collaboration with Manhattan College.

This one week intensive program integrates discussions with fashion experts, companies, and designers in New York City, visits to studios, labs and attending a New York Fashion Week show provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and network.

During the program, participants will visit fashion locations all over the city to get a good feel of what it means to work in the fashion industry in NYC. 

In addition to site visits and conversations, participants will tour and visit iconic NYC museums, such as: Color Factory, the Cooper Hewitt, and the Whitney Museum. As optional, participants interested in exploring future educational opportunities will visit one or two NYC Universities with top fashion graduate programs in the industry. 

For information, group rates and registration, email me at flor@pennylaneblog.com.

Program Dates

Registration now pending.

Color FactoryCooper Hewitt MuseumFashion Institute of Technology MuseumTour Garment/Fashion DistrictManhattan College Certificates and Group Pictures
Whitney MuseumMaster Class with ExpertVisit Graduate ProgramMaster Class with ExpertFashion Lab Visit
Fashion Street StyleFashion ShowFashion Street StyleFashion Street StyleFashion Show


One-week program: $1,600

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of attendance. 

Housing and Local Transportation


Includes: Double/double room with shared bathroom in a residence hall location or similar based on availability. Local public transportation (MTA subway and bus). Housing and Local Transportation is optional.