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by flor

I am available for events, partnerships, speaking engagements and more. You can contact me at flor@pennylaneblog.com.

Branded Content Creation

In my almost 10 years as a content creator, I have a created branded content for several fashion, beauty, travel and technology companies. You can see more here.

I can help tell your brand story across my platforms and social media chanels in an engaging and natural way.

Social Media Consulting

Reaching an audience of over 130,000 combined on my platforms over the past years, I have come to know what works and what doesn’t in the online world, and I can help you out with your business, in order to attract the audience you want and energize your engagement.

Panels + Event Appearances

I have spoken at events and podcasts on blogging, social media and entrepreneurship. I am also available to host and attend events, panels and more.

If you want us to work together, email me at flor@pennylaneblog.com 💛